"The 2007 World T20 win was important because no one knew much about T20s before that," said Virat Kohli © AFP
“The 2007 World T20 win was important because no one knew much about T20s before that,” said Virat Kohli © AFP

India‘s Test skipper Virat Kohli on Friday said that Indian cricket achieved a milestone after winning the ICC World T20 2007 in South Africa. India, who won the tournament in South Africa, beat Pakistan in the final to be crowned the champions of the shorest format of the game in the inaugural edition. “ICC World T20 2007 was an important milestone in Indian cricket. The win was important because no one knew much about T20s before that. It wasn’t easy. It was proud feeling to know we had lifted a world trophy,” he said. “Teams are familiar with Indian conditions. Not such big home advantage anymore. India will aim to cross the finish line,” he added. Kohli would be playing his third World T20 tournament. David Richardson: India supports world cricket, not just Indian cricket

Speaking on failing to win the previous edition in 2014, despite reaching the final, he said, “I felt very sad after India crashed out of World T20 last time, but felt happy for Sri Lanka legends [Sangakkara and Jayawardene]. Sad we couldn’t win, but happy that Sri Lanka won ICC World T20 2014 because of those players.”

Earlier, BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur on Friday said that the ICC World T20 2016, which is scheduled to be hosted by India in March to April, will be more entertaining than the precvious editions. “The World T20 will be bigger and more entertaining this time,” said Thakur. “Having learnt from IPL and other leagues, India is ready to host the ICC World T20 2016. We will ensure everyone gets to experience the best of India,” he added. The ICC World T20 2016 is all set to be hosted from March 11 to April 3 in India, as this would also be the sixth annual ICC World T20 event ever since it was inaugurated in 2007.

Also, India and Pakistan have been confirmed to play their ICC World T20 2016 match at Dharamsala on March 19. There were reports claiming the same earlier but now it is confirmed by the ICC at the official launch of the tournament in Mumbai. But, what still remains under a cloud of doubt is Pakistan’s very participation in the tournament on the whole. Political tensions between the two countries have spilled onto the cricketing affairs as a result of which a planned series between India and Pakistan in Sri Lanka was called off. As a retaliation, the Pakistan government are considering withdrawing from the tournament. There is no official word on the same at this stage but clarification is soon expected.