Virat Kohli Picks Nasser Hussain as His Favourite Cricket Commentator
Virat Kohli (© IANS)

India captain Virat Kohli has revealed his favourite cricket commentator in a freewheeling chat with former England international and his IPL teammate Kevin Pietersen.

With cricketing action in a state of temporary suspension due to the coronavirus pandemic, Pietersen, who would have been commentating in IPL, is keeping his fans entertained by chatting with people from different walks of life via Instagram live videos.

Kohli, his latest guest, talked about various things including the reason behind his IPL franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore failing to win a silverware among other things.

Both Pietersen and Kohli have played for RCB together and the bond they share is quite evident from his exchange.

“Be careful how you answer this, because, this could end badly for you. Your favourite commentator?” was Pietersen’s cheeky question.

And Kohli, who was equal to the task, picked former England captain Nasser Hussain as his favourite. ” My favourite commentator is… it is easy. It is not you, come on! My favourite commentator is Nasser (Hussain),” Kohli said.

Pietersen, hilariously, interrupted him saying, “That’s perfect. Too long to answer your question. Thank you, me. That is fine. Perfect.”