Since the turn of the decade, social media has been flooded by the ‘Beginning of The Decade’ and the ‘End of The Decades Photos’ as netizens look back at their journeys from 201o to 2019 and what all they have been able to achieve.

Joining the bandwagon are of course Bollywood celebrities and cricketers and fair to say their trip back to memory lane has been a super hit on various social media platforms.

On January 3, India’s unarguably social media mogul Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket team captain, also shared his photos from the start of the decade to the end of it which is winning the internet.

The picture shared by has Kohli of 2010, holding a pair of Puma flip flops in a tank top, from his personal vacation album while the second picture is of him holding a sports shoes of the same brand of which is now the brand ambassador, in a photoshoot. Yes, it’s a marketing gimmick, then again Kohli is the highest-earning Indian from his Instagram posts, so why would be not using the platform to make a few more bucks and in the meantime reflect on his incredible journey in those 10 years.

And fittingly, he has captioned the images, “Started from them flip flops, now we here! 😎😁 @pumaindia”.

In 2010, Virat Kohli, three years since his ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup win, had already made his ODI debut two years back and had made his T10 debut in 2010. A Test debut was still one year away. He was considered a rising star, someone trying to make his mark in the star-studded Indian line up.

Fast forward 10 years later, and Virat Kohli is no more just Virat Kohli – He is King Kohli – breaking records and setting them as it is nobody’s business. He is married to Bollywood sensation Anushka Sharma in a wedding that could very well is the wedding of the decade for Indians.