Over years, legends have displayed this knack of communicating with and referring to each other. The last time Virender Sehwag did anything commonplace was probably back in school, and he lived up to his usual standards when it came to wishing Dennis Lillee a very happy birthday on Twitter. He took a leaf out of Gunda, the magnum opus of Kanti Shah, the undisputed king of Z-grade movies in Bollywood, and the only known recipient of the Golden Kela Lifetime Achievement Award, with the words Hpy Bday Sir Dennis Lillee. If Lilleeji were in film Gunda Naam hai mera Lillee,kar deta hoon batsman ki pant Gilee . (sic)

The obvious reference was to the iconic introductory lines by antagonists Bulla (Mukesh Rishi), Chutiya (Shakti Kapoor), Pote (Mohan Joshi), and Ibu Hatela (Harish Patel) in the Mithun Chakraborty-starrer. Few movies have featured the entrances of antagonists with rhyming lines, but then, there has been only one Gunda (where the protagonist, a coolie at an airport, usually spent his day at the dock), just like one Virender Sehwag and one Dennis Lillee.

Happy birthday, Dennis Lillee! There will be many around the world who have, and will, wish you today but this is something that you will not come across every day.