Warner’s Issue Is… Ex-England Cricketer Mark Bucher Reveals Reason For David Warner’s Poor Form In Ashes 2023

Ex-England cricketer Mark Butcher shed light on David Warner's poor form in Ashes 2023 and said that Warner's instinct to go hard at the ball is costing him is wicket.

David Warner

David Warner (Image Source: Twitter)

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Former England cricketer Mark Butcher believes veteran Australia opener David Warner going very hard at the ball is one of the issues why pacer Stuart Broad consistently gets the better of him in Test cricket.

On Day Two of the ongoing third Ashes Test at Headingley, Broad got Warner out for the 17th time in Test cricket in Australia’s second innings, also the second time the pacer got the left-handed batter out in the match.

Warner’s issue is that he goes so hard at the ball. Even if he plays as Kumar (Sangakkara) says because he is thrusting his hands at the ball so hard, if he does nick the ball it always carries (to the slip cordon).”
“Kumar allowed the ball to come to him. If there is movement but you are not going towards it, you can hold the line and the ball goes past, or you can pull the bat on the inside.”
“One of Warner’s great strengths is how hard he goes at the ball and how aggressive he is. In Australia, where you don’t get much lateral movement, that is brilliant, but here in England you have to be a little bit more gentle.

Mark Butcher On Sky Sports

Stuart Broad Becomes David Warner’s Nemesis In Ashes

Broad dismissed Warner seven times in the 2019 Ashes in England as the batter averaged under 10. Now in the 2023 Ashes series, Broad has managed to take out Warner thrice. Warner’s scores in Ashes 2023 read as 9, 36, 66, 25, 4 and 1.

Butcher, a former left-handed batter, also delved deep into the technical issue Warner is having while facing Broad. Mark Butcher said that David Warner miseries against Stuart Broad is more mental than technical.

In the first place, it starts off as technical, trying to adjust to the angle from around the wicket. Broad is an expert at getting that ball to move away late having created the angle back at the stumps. When that happens two or three times, it gets in your head.

You are trying to figure out a way of stopping nicking it and then you get bowled through the gate. Then you make an adjustment to stop yourself from getting bowled and you go back to nicking it again. It drives you completely insane.

I can’t come up with an answer as to how he gets away from it, apart from running down the wicket, getting a thigh pad on it and getting up the other end and waiting until the spell is over. It looks like it is going to happen every time, Broad expects it to happen every time.

Ahead of the World Test Championship Final against India at The Oval in June, Warner expressed his wish about hoping to end his Test career in January 2024 through the New Year’s Test match against Pakistan in Sydney.

Asked if Warner will get his dream Test farewell, Butcher remarked that if Australia can win the Ashes, he may get to play the series against Pakistan.

It is a bit presumptuous. There are very few people who get to call their closing moment and they tend to be the absolute greats of the game.

Warner has been an excellent player but there comes a time when somebody else makes that call for you and if Broad keeps knocking him over… I suppose if Australia win this Test match and win the Ashes there might be a sentimental reason to let him carry on and continue to The Oval and the fanfare there.”

But if they lose and the series is still alive, then perhaps that conversation begins about taking him out of the firing line and finding a replacement. One thing he has got in his favour is his catching at slip.

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