Confusion reigned during the Big Bash League match between the Melbourne Renegades and Adelaide Strikers as umpire Greg Davidson caused a frenzy at the Marvel Stadium on Sunday when he changed his mind midway through a decision and scratched his nose instead.

Strikers spinner Rashid Khan though he had got his man when his delivery rapped batsman Beau Webster on the pads and Davidson began to raise his finger. However, just when Davison was about to make the decision, he realised there was some bat involved, causing him to change his mind and used the arm, already in motion, to scratch his nose, leaving everyone in the stadium confused.

“It was one of those things, heat of the moment,” Davidson told Channel 7. “I started to think and then got a second noise through my head, so I decided to change the decision halfway through and gave it not out.”

Webster eventually scored 36 not out but Rashid and Strikers were not to be disheartened as they beat the Renegades by 36 runs. Strikers opener Phil Salt had his say on the incident, calling it a “human error.”

“I saw his hand start to go up and I didn’t see the initial sort of moustache scratch,” Salt said. “When that came up on the big screen, I just cracked up [laughing]. It happens, doesn’t it? He’s only human … you can’t get all of them right.”

As did Renegades coach Michael Klinger, who called the act brave. “To be honest, I like it,” Klinger said. “I think he felt he made half a mistake and he thought that Beau hit it. I think it’s gutsy for him to change it halfway through, so I commend him for that. I actually think it’s the right call whether it happened for us or against.”