Watch Harbhajan Singh defeat The Great Khali’s student

India’s most successful off-spinner and one of the most renowned bowlers in International cricket, Harbhajan Singh is known for his aggressive nature. He is well known for his bowling skills but recently Harbhajan showed-off his wrestling skills and it turned out to be really good at it.

It all started when Harbhajan went to see a match in CWI academy also known as The Great Khali’s wrestling academy in Kangniwal village of Jalandhar. Khali who was also present and as soon as the match was over, the renowned former WWE wrestler took Indian cricketer near to the ring and suddenly a student of him challenged Harbhajan. Also Read: Harbhajan Singh’s humorous tweet sends beautiful message on ‘Karma’

Harbhajan took the challenge and entered the ring and defeated that student in his one slap. Khali was very much impressed with Harbhajans’ wrestling skills and honoured the cricketer with a ‘Gada’.



It will be a crime to miss Harbhajan’s wrestling skills in this enticing video, watch it here: