Watch: Labrador Dog’s Incredible Volley Goal Shocks People
Image: Twitter

New Delhi: The Internet is full of funny content nowadays, especially when it comes to sports. One such video is going viral on social media these days where people can see a Labrador Dog scoring a goal on the volley in the backyard of his owner.

Football fans were really impressed with the skills of the Labrador, who remarkable put the ball in the net. The original video was posted by lubythetrucker69 on Tik Tok and then it got viral on other social media platforms, especially on Twitter.

A lot of football aficionados compared the dog in the video to a character in the film Air Bud, which is a story of a lonely boy who befriends a stray dog who has a natural talent for basketball. Together they experience the highs and lows of life as their friendship remains solid through a series of escapades.

A fan wrote, “That was a crazy volley. I was expecting it to use its head, didn’t see it coming.”

Some users on Twitter called their favourite football clubs to sign the dog while some fans even compared him to the likes of Ronaldo and Messi. A fan tweeted, “Chelsea FC sign him up.. right wing forward.”

The video also reminded a few users of Aguero’s moment in the Premier League. A football fan compared it to the famous Zalatan’s volley against England in an international match.

A football fanatic wrote, “It’s like when Zlatan scored that wonder goal against England.