Sourav Ganguly’s delightful stroke-play off front foot and towering stepped-out bapi bari ja sixes won him fans and plaudits from around the world. However, he wasn’t really comfortable against balls banged in short. Bowlers invariably greeted him at the crease with bouncers. It was no different during this interview that was posted by Juggernaut Books, the publishers of his autobiography A Century Is Not Enough that majorly deals on his mental side of overcoming challenges. The interviewer started off with a bouncer, “Would you let your daughter [Sana] date a cricketer?”

Sourav Ganguly: Losing the India captaincy came like a bolt from the blue
Sourav Ganguly: Losing the India captaincy came like a bolt from the blue

How would Ganguly play this? Bouncers bothered him but he would not have scored 38 centuries in international cricket had he been perturbed by it. Just like those golden days of Indian cricket, Dada stepped out to the challenge on front foot and rose to the occasion. From 38 centuries to 38 questions.

From his love for home and London to non-existing love tattoo to his desire to bat like Sachin Tendulkar to labelling himself as Mr Dependable, Ganguly answered 38 unusual questions.

There was a Greg Chappell-ball awaiting as well. Would he smack it out of the park?

Ganguly is arguably India’s greatest captain and the finest left-handed batman to emerge from the country. Almost a decade after international retirement, Ganguly remains busy as ever with several roles in BCCI and MCC, presiding over Cricket Association of Bengal, his media assignments, hosting Dadagiri (a popular Bengali quiz show) and of course, his family business.