What MS Dhoni is asking for is illegal, says MCA official

The MCA official said that Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s demands border on the ridiculous and highlight his desperation Getty Images

Mumbai: Nov 22, 2012

Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) has come out and rubbished rumours that the BCCI had instructed them to prepare a track that would turn from day one, as per the requirements of Indian captain MS Dhoni.

“What Dhoni is asking for is illegal according to ICC’s code of conduct. Both he and the association will face trouble if we prepare a poor track,” an MCA official told Times of India.

“We have never received such requests from earlier Indian captains. Even when Mohammad Azharuddin was winning all those Tests at home, he used to only tell the maalis to use less water. That’s it. Dhoni’s demands border on the ridiculous and highlight his desperation. Dhoni is asking for rank turners because he knows his bowlers, unlike Graeme Swann, are not fit to bowl long spells,” the official thundered.

The official went on to say that the toss will play a crucial factor in the second Test between India and England starting on Friday. “It’ll be the same wicket that Mumbai played Railways on. It was a high-scoring match. There will be slow turn but the bounce will be better than it was in Ahmedabad. We started preparing the wicket 10 days ago. We cannot suddenly prepare a turning pitch. At the most we can stop watering the surface and leave it a little dry,” he informed.

The official also recalled the memories from the 2004 Test between India and Australia which was virtually a two-day affair. “The ICC was severe in its criticism after the Australians lodged an official complaint. One of their legendary players was so disgusted that he spat on the pitch after his team’s 12-run defeat. The curator even lost his job. We don’t want a repeat,” he informed.