New Delhi: Down on confidence, having scored merely 82 runs in his last five innings – Sachin Tendulkar came into the 4th Test at Sydney Cricket Ground. The media – Indian and Australian – was tearing into the genius and it seemed Tendulkar just could not find the answers. On a number of occasions, he perished trying to play balls outside the off-stump.

But while everybody felt Tendulkar was running out of ideas to come out of the slump, he proved all of them wrong by playing one of his best knocks ever. Years after that epic, Tendulkar reveals how his brother, who has always been beside him, gave the batting maestro a unique challenge. The challenge was that Sachin cannot get dismissed from the Test.

Tendulkar also recalled how the Australians were bowling outside the off-stump, tempting him to play the cover drive. He refrained from playing anything outside the off-stump and came up with scores of 241* and 60*.

“For me in Sydney, it wasn’t planned. My brother had challenged me. He asked me that since no one can get me out, are you willing to take up this challenge with me that you are not going to get out in this match. So, I said, okay I am accepting that challenge, no bowler is going to get me out. When I went to bat, I realised that they were bowling away from me all the time,” Tendulkar told Indian Express.

It was a drawn Test at SCG. The match will always remain etched in the memories of fans from India because of Tendulkar.