Yuvraj Singh's cancer is fully curable: Dr Rohatagi

The doctor said that Yuvraj Singh is mentally very tough and that he has come to terms with his condition Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

New Delhi: Feb 6, 2012

Ailing cricketer Yuvraj Singh s oncologist, Dr. Nikesh Rohatagi revealed on Monday that the star Indian all-rounder is suffering from a rare type of seminoma, but it is fully curable.

The doctor said, “The cancer is located between his two lungs rather than in his lungs. It is very important to understand that it is not lung cancer. Nor has it spread or infiltrated into the lungs.”

Dr. Rohatagi said that the cancer is fully curable and he can make his comeback in the first week of May.

Yuvraj has been spending his time in USA, where he is presently undergoing chemotherapy, by reading books which includes autobiography of Lance Armstrong.

“The chemotherapy has been planned with the aim of ensuring that Yuvraj can return to full fitness and readiness of cricket. Yuvraj should be able to start active training in about 10 weeks,” said Dr. Rohatagi in the press conference.

Apart from that, the player of the tournament of World Cup 2011 plays video games and occasionally goes for jogging.

Yuvraj will undergo his third round of chemotherapy on Wednesday. The doctor further said that the cancer is a rare type of seminona whose exact cause is yet to be known.

“We are in fact very lucky that this is a seminoma as these are mostly curable with therapy and moreover would be unlikely to cause any detriment to Yuvraj s prospective career,” the doctor was quoted as saying in NDTV.

“Yuvraj has shown tremendous courage and kept his spirits high all the while.”

The doctors refused to give the exact location where Yuvraj is presently staying.

Yuvraj s father Yograj Singh said that the same oncologist who treated cyclist Lance Armstrong is treating Yuvraj too.

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