Zaheer Abbas likely to be appointed PCB COO

Sources informed that Zaheer Abbas will officially take the post once new PCB chief Choudhary Zaka Ashraf takes charge Getty Images

Karachi: Oct 16, 2011

Former Test captain Zaheer Abbas is likely to secure the important position of Chief Operating Officer in the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Sources close to Zaheer told PTI that the former Test batsman, who has remained a selector and manager with the national team previously, is confident of getting the top post once Zaka Ashraf takes charge.

“He has been going around telling his close friends and supporters that he is prepared for the position and in some instances he has even been inquiring about the pay package and responsibilities of the COO in the PCB,” a source confirmed.

Zaheer said that he was prepared to work in the Board in any senior position depending on what offer the PCB made to him.

“It is premature to talk about these things but why not I do want to serve Pakistan in some way and I have done it in the past,” he said.

Zaheer and former Test captain Majid Khan were the two former players in the run for the Chairmanship but lost out to Zaka Ashraf who even before taking charge has become the subject of plenty of controversy leading to uncertainty in the board.

“The government has said that Zaka Ashraf will take charge once he relinquishes his position of head of the ZTBL bank and know one knows when that will be,” one source in the board said.

He said this was creating uncertainty among the board employees.

To complicate matters the Supreme Court of Pakistan has also admitted for regular hearing a petition filed against the appointment of Zaka Ashraf as PCB Chairman as the petitioner has pleaded that the ZTBL chief is already facing charges of misuse of power and in making around 39 illegal appointments in the bank. The hearing is set for November 14. (PTI)