The Indian Premier League (IPL) is all about to see one of its most crucial events happening shortly, i.e. the IPL auctions. A lot of the teams’ performances depend on the players and that is where the auction plays a vital role. It is not always about getting the most popular or experienced players but to pick up players according to your need and budget. The auction for IPL 2016 is scheduled to take place on February 6 where the eight franchises will fight it out in a battle of money and intelligence to get the best man for their side.

Of the 714 players, 351 cricketers are up for grab which includes 230 Indian players, the rest being overseas. Of the 351 players, 130 are capped, 219 are uncapped and the rest of the two are Associate players. A maximum of 116 players can be chosen during the auction. Here is the list of the players who have the highest base price (Rs 2 Crore):

Designed by Neeraj Kathale