Chris Rogers' arm guard © Getty Images
Chris Rogers’ arm guard © Getty Images

We all know how obsessed cricketers can be with their gears. Michael Hussey used to carry measuring tape in case he needed new bats from Kookaburra when he is on a tour, and Rahul Dravid will go on to the extent of moving heaven and earth to ensure his bat is in the way he wants to. Chris Rogers, Australia’s opener who will retire after the Ashes 2015, is known for using an arm guard that has been with him since the beginning of his career. Sometime in 2013, Rogers said that it wasn’t a sentiment to use the same arm guard and he used it only to protect his arm from a serious injury. Catch live cricket scores and updates of England vs Australia 2nd Ashes 2015 Test at Lord’s

“It’s not that old, only about two or three years. I had one before for about 10 years. That was a real special one. I’m not going to bat without my arm guard only because I don’t want my arm to get broken. It’s just one of those things, your arms get so sweaty and it quickly deteriorates. Some people have said I should get a new one but it’s not a catwalk out there. You’re out there to do a job,” Rogers said.