WTC Final, IND vs NZ: All You Need to Know About Duke Balls

All you need to know about the most sought after cricket ball, that will be used in the WTC Final

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Duke Balls are of the very top model as it is used exclusively in English First-Class Test Matches as the dedication to quality is relentless.

Indian superstars like Virat Kohli and Ravi Ashwin gave thumbs up to the ball in the recent past to be used in Test Matches.

It is of the latest leather technology which has been embraced to keep ahead of the market. A number of other improved production processes are constantly being introduced and whilst not obvious to the naked eye, the resulting good shape retention and feel on the bat are appreciated by all.

The makers of the ball firmly believes that a hand stitched ball represents the original and true concept of the best type of ball for cricket. They have also more recently invested a lot of time and resources to develop a superior range of machine stitched balls for Countries with very harsh playing conditions such as Australia and South Africa. These products are currently being tested in such conditions with positive reports.

It is known for it’s rich seam. The duke ball is held by six rows which go backward and forward across the joint which helps in holding the ball together for a longer period and keeps the shape of the ball intact. Many players prefer Duke balls in Test Cricket since it tends to assist the bowlers more which maintains the balance between the bat and ball.

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