Mike Gatting vs Jack Simmons: The platter battles

Mike Gatting got Richie Benaud to indulge in an uncharacteristic pun. Jack Simmons had a dish named after him — for an excellent show on the plate.

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When MS Dhoni got a taste of his own medicine

Dhoni was almost taking his team over the line when he was run-out by Yuvraj Singh in the ultimate over of the game.

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Why does the young girl want to live with Team India when they tour overseas?

When a little girl perplexed an entire court room.

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Narendra Modi knows his cricket! Flaunts his umpiring skills in Bihar

Narendra Modi was the President of Gujarat Cricket Association for a reason and now we know that he would have even excelled had he taken up umpiring in cricket.

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MS Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja and one happy family!

Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s has been a huge admirer of Ravindra Jadeja’s skills over the years.

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Vinod Kambli is the Meena Kumari of Indian cricket!

Vinod Kambli has acquired a reputation of being a cry baby.

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Malcolm Marshall receives ‘erotic’ lessons from beyond the boundary!

Playing in the West Indies is a colourful experience.

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Sunil Gavaskar raises to the occasion with a risqué repartee!

Gavaskar has this knack of coming up with hard-hitting one-liners which can leave ​onlookers in splits.

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It’s ‘over’ says the cricketing nut to his girlfriend!

The World Cup 2015 is over and even the Indian Premier League (IPL) is in its closing stage but the chubby guy from the ad still didn’t learn to hand over the milk packet over to his wife.

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Mayanti no to Stuart Binny!

Team India had a very successful 2015 World Cup campaign when it reached the semi-final against all odds and expectations

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