Planned diet helps players stay fit and maintain performance

It is essential for cricketers to have prorper balanced diet to ensure that their energy levels are adjusted © Getty Images

Recently, Indian Premier League (IPL) Kings XI Punjab co-owner Preity Zinta advised her players to stay away from greasy foodstuffs like aloo paratha, gravy chicken, malai kofta during the tournament.

With the cricket emerging as a game of strength, skill and speed, fitness and endurance of the players can make a significant difference between victory and defeat.

Duration of the game varies from format to format. At times, it is played in very challenging hot conditions for extended periods. Players need to have the right amount of energy through out the period of the game.

Current players are required to be physically fitter and body fat are no longer tolerated. Proper intake of food helps players recover between sessions as well as adjust their energy level according to match days.

Preity sending fitness signals to her team has strongly recommended the breakfast and dinner to be high on protein and low on carbs. 

Players need to stay fueled and hydrated throughout the duration of the game.  A diet based on carbohydrate along with protein, vitamins, fibre, vitamins, minerals should be consumed before a cricket match. 

It is also important to rehydrate after the end of the match with fluids. Players should consume fluids such as water, juice, within an hour of the end of the match to replenish their body.

With the game becoming increasingly demanding, planned diet help players maintain their performance.