At Faisalabad in October 1986, Saleem Malik received a blow just below his wrist. It resulted in a fracture. There was no possibility of him coming out in the second innings, but with Pakistan nine down with a lead of 207, he emerged, left arm in a cast, to join Wasim Akram.

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The crowd was shocked when Malik took a left-handed stance. Courtney Walsh pitched outside off and Malik missed it completely. There was a mid-pitch conference before Malik switched to batting with the other hand. He played Walsh’s first ball, only to have the bat knocked out of his hands.

But Malik stayed on. As he grew in confidence, Malik even played a couple of shots, the most attractive being what can be called one of the earliest televised version of the “helicopter shot” — that, too, a one-handed version. A demoralised West Indies were skittled for 53.