A video of cameraman Joe Previtera, who fell off his segway during the Australia-India Test match at the Melbourne Cricket Groundon Tuesday.


The cameraman failed to notice the spare helmet and drove over it, causing the fall. Despite the fall, Previtera took a bow to the crowd and then reliving the moment with Aussie batting hero Michael Slater.


“I had said to Slater, no way, I will never crash this thing ever. Never ever will you see me crash it,” Joe was quoted saying in Daily Mail.


“Maybe I got just a little bit (cocky). Maybe.”


Previtera was in the middle of a media storm after the comment “he can`t bowl and can`t throw” was picked up by a special effects microphone during the television broadcast of Australia`s Test match in Hobart against Pakistan in 1999/2000.


The comment came after a wayward throw back to the wicket from the deep from two-Test paceman Scott Muller. The comment was later attributed to Shane Warne by television media, but the spinner denied it.


To hose down media speculation, Previtera eventually went on a national current affairs programme to claim he was the culprit. Muller, who at one stage threatened legal action over the comment, never played another Test.