While Yuvraj’s comeback bloods in a sense of excitement and anticipation, the other Singh’s re-entry into the national team is baffling to say the least.


Harbhajan has been a shadow of his former self for quite some time and his selection is inexplicable. During the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2012, he was hardly effective and wasn’t able to strike.


He regained some form in county cricket during his stint with Essex. But was it good enough to help him make a well-earned comeback? A pertinent point to be noted is that he hasn’t played T20 cricket since the IPL.

The most worrying factor in Harbhajan’s decline and fall was that he had stopped turning the ball. There was the occasional doosra, but the conventional off-spinners hardly turned.


The lovely loop that once sounded the death knell for a number of batsmen bizarrely vanished. Instead, he continued to fire them in at some pace and became all too predictable.