Even as the Indian team keeps winning tournament after tournament, the administration finds itself in a complete mess; it's like the BCCI is sinking into quick sand. With each passing day the game is getting murkier. The richest cricket body in the world, BCCI is passing through their worst period. And now the fans have started losing their faith in the board and blame the IPL and the Board's greed for tarnishing the image of the sport in the country

Truckloads of evidence indicating treachery, betting, fraud and insider complicity in the Indian Premier League (IPL) surfaced when the national media launched a sustained effort to unearth the skeletons in the much-maligned league. It was evident to the rest of the world, but the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) liked us to believe that there is something collectively wrong with the eyes and the ears of the world outside of it.