Former Australia cricketer Glenn McGrath believes that Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar knows the best when to retire.

McGrath said Tendulkar is a legend and he has a lot of faith in Tendulkar and he'll know when to retire.

Meanwhile, former New Zealand cricketer Martin Crowe said Tendulkar will struggle against pace bowlers.

"Hand-eye reaction is not Tendulkar's problem; he probably is better and faster with his hands than he was in 1992. But the one thing that he can't escape from is that the body is naturally slowing down," Crowe, one of New Zealand's finest batsmen who scored 5444 runs in 77 Tests, said.

"Firstly, the back and hamstrings are probably 10 percent less flexible, and his agility and speed down by 10 percent too. Tendulkar will naturally find that he is not as quick as before. In particular, it is against fast bowling that his feet and body will find it increasingly hard to move quickly enough into position," Crowe wrote.


Crowe felt that Tendulkar, who has scored 100 international centuries, won't face any problems whatsoever from the spinners as he is as good as anyone in the world.