Dhoni recently revealed his love for Ranchi in a video meant for the promotional purpose of his upcoming biopic © Getty Images

They say ‘the whole world is a man’s birthplace’. It may hold true in a philosophical context, but in reality, the land of his birth is dear to a man. We all love the city of our birth, don’t we? And though we end up living in some other city which offers us with work opportunities and other securities of life, our birthplace always remain special. In this era of globalisation and rapid urbanisation, when people are moving to other cities leaving behind the place where they were born, there are a few examples in the society who even after becoming successful, stay in their own city, their own home.

One of Indian cricket team’s most successful captains MS Dhoni is one of them. Even after earning astounding success, the player from the cricketing backwaters of Ranchi in Jharkhand never moved out of his city. Now, as he prepares for the release of the biopic ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’, which is made on his life, Dhoni has opened up on his love for Ranchi and how he wishes never to move out of it.

Dhoni, who has been travelling extensively with lead actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who has essayed Dhoni’s role to perfection, and Arun Pandey, his friend and a co-producer of the movie, recently revealed his love for Ranchi in a video meant for the promotional purpose. He started off by saying he was born and raised in Ranchi, the city where it all started for him. Right from his schooling to his first lessons in cricket, all happened in Ranchi. He started playing the game there and even as he got selected for Team India, the love for Ranchi only became stronger.

The 35-year-old captain of India’s current limited-overs squads, Dhoni then went on to share an interesting anecdote. Without naming his teammate, he shared that when he started playing for India, one of his co-players asked him when was he moving out of Ranchi? To which, Dhoni replied ‘never’. That player was ready to bet on Dhoni quitting Ranchi for a bigger city in a couple of years’ time, but looking back, the captain cool has proven him wrong.

Dhoni then went on to point out the advantages and charms of living in a small city like Ranchi. He said one can leave his house 15 times a day and get his chores done across the city if it is small. He then pointed out toward Sushant saying he perhaps can never think of doing the same in a city like Mumbai. The cricketer also spoke about how excited and nervous he is as the release date is approaching near.

There are a lot of other interesting things too about which Dhoni speaks in the video. Pandey and Sushant too share their thoughts on the maverick leader. Watch the video here to catch all that:

The movie is all set to hit the theatres on September 30 across the world. It is expected to throw light on Dhoni’s journey from being a TTE with Indian Railways to world-class cricketer.