‘Botham – the pig’ finally gets pinned down

Intruders on cricket fields aren’t something uncommon and in the 1980’s the instances were far more frequent. How often now fans complain about the security not allowing them to enter the ground with certain edibles, banners or other items that the organisers think can bring disturbance in the game.

Back in the 80’s, it seems it wasn’t even difficult to bring along a pig to the stadium. After Ian Botham’s dismissal in a World Series match against Australia in Brisbane in January 1983, a pig was released by a crowd member on the outfield. At one end, it had ‘Botham’ written over, while at the other it was written ‘Hemmings’. It was done to poke fun at Botham’s and Eddie Hemming’s slightly rounder body shapes.

A policeman then tried to move the pig off the playing area and after some serious struggle, he eventually managed to grab ‘Botham the pig’ and pinned it down.

The incident did amuse the cricketers, as well as the fans.