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The biggest bores XI (from clockwise left): Chris Tavare, Michael Atherton, Geoffrey Boycott, Mike Brearley, Bruce Edgar, Bob Sunil Gavaskar, Hanif Mohammad, Geoff Allott, Trevor Bailey, Johnny Douglas, Bob Taylor © Getty Images

Christopher James Tavaré,
If allowed to have a day,
Would bat right through
To make twenty-two.

Michael Andrew Atherton
Had a peculiar notion of fun:
To stick leech-like to his wicket
Was his idea of cricket.

A grind, Geoffrey Boycott?
Most certainly not!
No Indian will agree
With so biased a decree.

John Michael Brearley
Was no tornado, clearly:
A dawdler and a bore,
He simplyrefused to score.

Edgar the Bruce
Was a monumental snooze:
With denial most stout,
He never got out.

Robert William Taylor
Would never ever fail her
In England’s hour of need-
Talk of the bulldog breed.

JWHT Douglas
No quicker than the slug was.
No truer thing could you say
Than ‘John Won’t Hit Today.’

Trevor Edward Bailey
Seldom batted gaily.
He once scored sixty-eight:
Better than never, late.

Geoffrey Ian Allott
Would win any ballot
For history’s dourest duck:
Forever on zero stuck.

Hanif Mohammad
Could imitate the dead:
In one innings his strike rate
Was 8.98.

Sunil Manohar Gavaskar
Sometimes failed as multi-tasker:
He could not bat and score-
Not with 36 off174.