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The biggest bores XI (from clockwise left): Chris Tavare, Michael Atherton, Geoffrey Boycott, Mike Brearley, Bruce Edgar, Bob Sunil Gavaskar, Hanif Mohammad, Geoff Allott, Trevor Bailey, Johnny Douglas, Bob Taylor Getty Images

Christopher James Tavar ,

If allowed to have a day,

Would bat right through

To make twenty-two.

Michael Andrew Atherton

Had a peculiar notion of fun:

To stick leech-like to his wicket

Was his idea of cricket.

A grind, Geoffrey Boycott?

Most certainly not!

No Indian will agree

With so biased a decree.

John Michael Brearley

Was no tornado, clearly:

A dawdler and a bore,

He simplyrefused to score.

Edgar the Bruce

Was a monumental snooze:

With denial most stout,

He never got out.

Robert William Taylor

Would never ever fail her

In England s hour of need-

Talk of the bulldog breed.

JWHT Douglas

No quicker than the slug was.

No truer thing could you say

Than John Won t Hit Today.

Trevor Edward Bailey

Seldom batted gaily.

He once scored sixty-eight:

Better than never, late.

Geoffrey Ian Allott

Would win any ballot

For history s dourest duck:

Forever on zero stuck.

Hanif Mohammad

Could imitate the dead:

In one innings his strike rate

Was 8.98.

Sunil Manohar Gavaskar

Sometimes failed as multi-tasker:

He could not bat and score-

Not with 36 off174.