Greg Chappell spanks a streaker

How often do you see someone getting spanked nude in public view? Adding spice to that, the one who spanked happened to be the Australian captain Greg Chappell.

The 1970’s was the golden age of streaking and by 1977, Chappell was fed up with these acts and had issued a stern warning that he would deal severely with the pitch invaders. So when the third streaker ran on to Eden Park at Auckland during Australia’s Test against New Zealand. Chappell chased him and grabbed him, before he began spanking the man with his bat on his bare backside.

The man tried to escape from the clutches and anger of the Australian captain and eventually managed to do so, but not before a couple of brisk blows landed on his backside.

The man, later identified as Leonard Bruce McCauley sued Chappell for the assault, but the latter was cleared. McCauley, who was fined NZ$ 25 for disorderly conduct, earned the nickname ‘beaten streaker’.

But by the end of the incident, the ‘beaten streaker’ had done enough to disrupt Chappell’s concentration, as he was soon run out for 58.