Tillakaratne Dilshan (L) and Kevin Pietersen © Getty Images
Tillakaratne Dilshan (L) and Kevin Pietersen © Getty Images


By Dhananjay Devasper


This World Cup promises to be one of the most fascinating in recent times… the form of some of the teams, the larger-than-life players and, of course, the fans that egg them on. But most importantly, what promises to be on display, is the innovative approach of the modern cricketer that has most purists tearing their hair out. Whether it’s batting, bowling, fielding or umpiring, here are a few “moments of madness” that we can all look forward to, from all departments of the game


The Batsmen


The Dil Scoop – TM Dilshan is the pioneer and master at this and we can expect to see this shot being attempted on the slower sub continental wickets by a few more wannabes.


The Tendulkar Carve – Effective against the short ball aimed at the head, an effective shot if executed to perfection. Very few have it in their armoury and Suresh Raina might as well get some coaching lessons from the Master, as a countermeasure.


The KP Switch Hit – It’s been a while since we saw this one executed well. With KP’s form in question, this might just be his “get-out-of-jail shot”.


The Paddle Sweep – When the spinners are on, sweep them away. This variation of the traditional sweep is a sure-shot rungetter when executed well.


The Sehwag UppercutVirender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar play this extremely well. Shoaib Akhtar will vouch for that!


The Helicopter Shot – Captain Cool, Dhoni, needs to rediscover his form, and this might just get him airborne.


The Reverse SweepEngland sure have bad memories of this one, but that’s not going to stop anyone from attempting this.


The Misbah Scoop – Or the “Missed Bah!!” Scoop, as it is known in Pakistan. They will definitely hope that Misbah does not attempt this at a crucial juncture.


The Bowlers


The Slower One – With all the rules against them, this one’s used most effectively to deceive a batsman.


The Doosra – The one that goes the other way and sends the batsman on his way!


The Slow Bouncer – The most oft used weapon nowadays, against a plundering batsman, it’s a ball that bounces, but ever so slowly, beating the batsman for pace and forcing a mishit. A Lasith Malinga special.




The Relay Throw – Sometimes the quickest way to a direct hit from the boundary, has been known to catch some batsmen short of their crease.


The Tip In Catch – Fielder catches the ball, is in danger of going over the ropes, throws it in the air, crosses the rope, steadies himself, gets back in and catches it. Phew!! The Aussies are good at this and we’d like to see more.




UDRS – Tried and tested in some of the series, leading to the World Cup, the teams that have not used it may be at a disadvantage of not using it correctly, but it promises to spice up the Cup and ensure even more fairness.


Here’s to all the innovations this World Cup promises to bring in… Stay tuned.


(Dhananjay Devasper is an “IT guy” by profession and a sports fanatic at heart. He has an unbridled passion for sports and Indian achievements in sport. Extremely opinionated, he attempts offering perspectives around sports which are simple to understand and easy to relate with)