“I’m a f*****g prince!”

When India toured Australia in 1967-68, Ian Chappell wanted to learn more about Tiger Pataudi, the Indian captain.

One day he went up to him and asked, “Tiger, what do you do for a job?”

Tiger replied, “Ian, I’m a prince.”

Chappell did not have much clue about the ways of royalties and so he asked Tiger the kind of “job” he did to make a living.

Tiger again replied, “Ian, I am a prince.”

Chappell replied, “I think my parents should have demanded a refund on my education because the message still didn’t get through to me as he framed his question different to ask Tiger a third time!”

“I mean, between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm what do you do?”

Tiger looked at Chappell said, “Ian, I’m a f*****g prince!”