Imran Tahir dropped for ‘hit and run’; Chris Gayle advises how cricketers should stay out of it

Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

The rivalry between the cities of Delhi and Mumbai are a known to all. People of both cities try to outdo each other. The police of the two cities are no different. With Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case making headlines everywhere, Mumbai Police too finds a mention nationwide. Irked by the fact, Delhi Police decided to compete against their Mumbai counterparts and managed to book a celebrity for a ‘hit-and-run’ case.


Here’s what happened: During the initial stages of Indian Premier League (IPL), Delhi Daredevils (DD) bowler Imran Tahir was on a roll. In a match in Delhi on April 20, Tahir foxed Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) skipper Gautam Gambhir, hit his stumps and ran across the ground for a wild celebration.


After the Salman Khan news broke out, Delhi Police booked Tahir for a ‘hit and run’ case. They weren’t impressed with his marathon run after he hit the stumps.


The writer caught up with Inspector Banwari Singh, the officer in-charge for Tahir’s case and tried to explain the difference. The miffed officer said, “Nahiji, Bhaiwale ‘hit and run’ toh waha har ghante dekhne milta hai, kis kis ko hawalat bheje? Woh toh normal hai ji. Yeh Tahir ka thoda unique hai toh usse hamare liye toh yahi ‘hit and run’ hai ji. Believe nahi hota toh footage dekhlo, kaise sala lakde ko maar ke bhagta hai!” (Salman’s hit-and-run case is pretty usual in Delhi and we witness such events every hour. How many arrests should we make? Those incidents are pretty normal. Tahir’s case is different and for us that’s ‘hit-and-run’. If you don’t believe, watch the footage. See how he runs and hitting the stumps!”


The writer was stumped. The DD management confirmed that Tahir hasn’t been aiming for stumps since then and was dropped from the sideon Saturday till the case gets sorted out. However, Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Chris Gayle spoke to the writer and expressed concerns over the challenges and how he tackles them.


Gayle’s way out: Hit and don’t run

Chris Gayle

The big Jamaican said, “Maan, this nation has weird laws. Read the recent news and Bhai sentenced for ‘hit and run’ is a concern, Maan! I keep it simple, I hit and hit hardest of them all, but I no fool, so no run. Keep simple. Hit six, don’t run.”


Referring to Tahir’s plight, Gayle expressed his sympathies for the South African leg-spinner but blamed him for getting into such a situation.


“Maan, it’s like stepping on the axe. This country so weird laws, so why take risk? India loves Bollywood. So why run after taking wicket? Just dance!” concluded Gayle.


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