Did MS Dhoni have an agenda when he supported Cook? © Getty Images
Did MS Dhoni have an agenda when he supported Cook? © Getty Images

MS Dhoni and Duncan Fletcher expressed support for England’s Alastair Cook. The Flying Freak finds out why.

Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

Exactly why did Duncan Fletcher and MS Dhoni speak in support of Alastair Cook ahead of the five-match Test series against England? With Cook’s captaincy coming under heavy fire in the recent past, Dhoni and Fletcher did say that each player goes through a tough phase and must be supported. But it the best chance to put a bit more pressure on the beleaguered England captain. If India want to have any chance of doing well in the Test series, they have got to put pressure. But, there is a reason why Dhoni and Fletcher made those comments.

At first, we contacted Virender Sehwag, to see if he could think of any possible reason for this missed opportunity. He said, “It’s soft, but that’s the way we (Indians) are.” This brought back memories of the Lahiru Thirimanne Mankading incident during the 2012 tri-series Down Under, when India withdrew the appeal. Some may have felt that Sehwag has a point there! Dhoni isn’t someone who uses words to put pressure; he does it on the field of play.

But Fletcher and Dhoni’s support for Cook has greater implications for they have taken a leaf out of Shane Warne’s book. Warne has still gone an all-out attack on Cook’s captaincy. Though some alleged it was a personal attack, Warne came out to say he was doing his job and was happy to help Cook if he wanted to chat. But, a closer read at Warne’s column would help make sense out of all of it.

Warne wrote in his column for Telegraph, “Also, if I was an Aussie cheerleader, as the ECB thinks I am, I would not be criticising Cook. I would be saying keep him in the job because that would be the best thing for Australia during the Ashes next year.” Dhoni and Fletcher thus want Cook to remain as England captain as they believe it may give India some chance. Not bad thinking an Indian may say!

“Well of course! The game is also played in the mind,” said Dhoni as he chuckled with Fletcher after the press conference.

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