(From left) AB de Villiers, Brendon McCullum and MS Dhoni    Getty Images

After the rousing success of the ABCD (Any Body Can Dance) and its sequel, the money-minded International Cricket Council (ICC) officials have decided to launch a movie based on the very same concept of ABCD: Any Batsmen Can Dance!

The following cricketers have been nominated for the lead roles of the movie:

AB de Villiers: AB de Villiers is a 360-batsman, someone who can bat and score in 360 degrees. He though often indulges in some strange practices like that of running down the wicket mindlessly, dancing down the wicket to play the cricket ball. Not just he gets into awkward positions to play his signature shots but he also has reaped a lot of success doing such. His batting could be an inspiration for all the multi-talented dancers around the world. Read: Virat Kohli, Virender Sehwag, Shikhar Dhawan and biopics of other cricketers

Brendon McCullum: Brendon McCullum might have revolutionised the way cricket has been played since the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. He though has been batting rather too well for all the orthodox batsmen and he can be a role model for anyone who dares to take the attack to the opposition. His audacity and boldness is a sign many dancers around the world would be looking to follow. He gave an hint was what was to come when he was ready to (ROFS) Roll on the floor scooping the ball from Shaun Tait over the fine leg fence, repeatedly.

MS Dhoni: MS Dhoni s has been one of the best ODI finishers for India but his technique has always been a matter of discussions. He might have cemented his place in the side very early but his technique has been questioned a lot. He retired from Tests in Australia but not after giving everyone glimpses of how he would have fared as a Test dancer, err… He often slinked down the wicket to counter the swing of the ball but ended up looking very sheepish but as long as it works all is well right? Coming from a small town, Dhoni could be an ideal candidate for all the dancers who dream big and wish to make it a big in the field of dancing. Below is a characteristic capture of Dhoni s dancing techniques. Read: MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli: Films that could be based on cricketers lives

MS Dhoni batting against Australia    Getty Images
MS Dhoni batting against Australia Getty Images

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