Lionel Messi (left) and MS Dhoni
Lionel Messi (left) and MS Dhoni © Getty Images and AFP


By The Flying Freak


Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction


Argentina were close to embarrassing themselves against a lowly ranked team like Iran in the FIFA World Cup 2014. Before the game, many predicted that the former World Champions will pump in at least five goals against a weak Iranian side. Lionel Messi himself was egging for the coach to start with an attacking playing XI. However, all claims fell flat when Iran presented a stunning display of defence to deny Argentina anything till the official 90 minutes of play.


Now, skipper Messi had to stretch every sinew during the extra time and score a brilliant goal to edge out Iran in the dying minutes of the game. An overexcited Messi tweeted about his heroic performance, only to be trolled by someone who is an unmatched legend when it comes to orchestrating last-minute wins — MS Dhoni.


The Indian skipper is known as the finisher for India; scoring big in the death overs to win matches for the country. Thanks to Dhoni’s habit of leaving things right till the end, he manages to get himself trending every-time he comes out to bat in a run-chase. Last year, Dhoni showed his wares in the tri-series in the West Indies, where India won the final against Sri Lanka, thanks to Dhoni smashing six, four and another six of three successive deliveries during the last over of the game.



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