Shahid Afridi Lasts Forever!

“It’s easy to give up smoking; I have given up many times before!” goes a joke. One is reminded of the joke after reading the news that Shahid Afridi will be retiring from the game at the highest level after the 2015 ICC World Cup.

Afiridi is like the smoker who gave up smoking many times; he has been there, done that in the past when it comes to retirement. Hence, few in the cricketing world are taking seriously his latest announcement to call it a day.

Another popular joke about Afridi is his age. Nobody knows his real age, which has been a subject of much debate and discussions around the cricketing world. Given the mystery about his age and his ability to go on and on, retire and then carry on again, it’s in the fitness of things if he were to pen a book, “Lala Lasts Forever”.

We have found a good design for “Lala”, as he is popularly known in Pakistan: Roderick Thorp’s 1979 novel, “Nothing Lasts Forever”, which is a sequel to his 1966 novel The Detective. The book is popular because of its film adaptation, Die Hard.