Shahrukh Khan wants IPL rules in marriage laws!

Shahrukh Khan (SRK) is someone who has a sense of humour something people around the world are familiar with when he hosts TV shows or events.


Hosting the 2010 Indian Premier League (IPL) awards, SRK brought the house down with his sense of humour bringing everybody’s favourite topic marriage and linking it to cricket.


Here’s what SRK said: “Some of the rules governing the IPL should be applicable to the marriage acts of our country. Marriages should have contract only for three years, after which the husband and wife should go back into the auction! And everybody bids for your wife, ‘One million, one million’. There should be a strategic time-out six months in the marriage so that one can go out and meet people, give them a hug, understand what to do later, but there should be a stipulation, ‘Only four foreigners allowed! You can mess around with four foreigners, but no more.’ There will be a reward for high score count in a marriage. And there will penalty for low-performance rate.”