People give less thought  to the approach of India's star batsman and the hard work he puts in © AFP
People sometimes give less thought to the approach of India’s star batsman and the hard work he puts in © AFP

“It is a conscious effort, to be honest. It is more like ‘Eat, sleep, train, repeat.’ If you want to be consistent, you need to be boring with your training, your food and your habits. You cannot take the sport for granted. Once you start taking the sport and your form for granted, a bad patch comes in and makes you chase after every single run. You have to have confidence and faith in your ability, but at the same time, balance it out with respect for the sport and the willingness to do the same thing again each time you go out to bat.”  Such a statement from the 27-year-old and heartthrob of Indian cricket, Virat Kohli gives us an insight on the mindset he holds.

One needs perfection in any field to excel. The path to achieve success is surely not easy but the most difficult path is to keep doing the right things and maintaining focus on the job in hand. These things do not come easily inside a person’s mind and thus this makes a difference between being average, good or great. In an interview with Boria Majumdar, Kohli politely stated, “I have never wanted to be average since I was small. Even in my club cricket days, I always wanted to score the highest number of runs for my team and help my team win”, depicting his mindset since his teenage days. Kohli’s sole focus is to contribute to the team’s cause. He has always stated that it all depends on the perception of an individual’s as to how they perceive different situations.

He sees every challenge as an opportunity and welcomes it with open arms. Probably this is the reason for his stupendous success as a batsman while chasing targets. He has stood out for his team(s) time and again in ICC events or in a tense bilateral series. He is doing the same in this year’s IPL as well, where he has compiled 752 runs, the most by any batsmen in any IPL season. He plays all the cricketing shots and goes for the fancy shots only when needed. He has got all the basics ticked and that is why people go berserk seeing his success in the era of modern-day cricket where power-hitting is or has become a must.

For any youngster, he or she may get carried away for being the hope of the nation. Virat Kohli has been carrying the mantle of Team India since Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement, and has not allowed his success to get the better of him as a player. It is a known fact that doing the simple things, like training everyday and following a strict regime is utmost difficult for anyone but is not the case with him. Kohli should be applauded for being consistent, even though he is always in the news for his personal and professional commitments but doesn’t let these things become an issue for him. He also knows the value of every run he scores and that is why he is in no mood to take his current form granted.

Every player plays the sport to win but when it comes to Kohli, he sees victory as the ultimate goal. “For me, victory is the greatest feeling and that is the biggest craving”, says India’s best dashing right-handed-batsman. No one can win every match, but Virat Kohli wants to keep pushing himself to contribute for his team as much as possible. His mantra of winning every match he plays was proven last night only when he took his side home after having injured himself on the field. “I don’t mind ten stitches as long as we win the next two matches”, quoted a jubilant RCB skipper in the post-match presentation. He clearly knows his IPL team needs to win all their remaining matches to remain alive in the tournament and he wants to contribute, keep his hunger of winning every match alive and for that he even follows a ‘boring training schedule’.

Kohli has a lot to deliver for the country and franchise. Of course, he will fail at times (though he has a well-defined formula to regain and retain consistency). Nonetheless, he is a human being. The country can add to his success by giving him space and not comparing him with anyone. He is different all his contemporaries, and has made an identity for himself. More than the runs he makes, he should also be appreciated for his mindset and hard work put in by him in training camps which, at times, goes unnoticed.

(Aditya Sahay is a journalist with who is completely into sports and loves writing about cricket in general. He can be followed on Twitter at adisahay7)