Vinod Kambli is the Meena Kumari of Indian cricket!

Vinod Kambli has acquired a reputation of being a cry baby. He was first seen crying publicly when Clive Lloyd awarded the 1996 World Cup semifinals to Sri Lanka to signal an ignominious exit for India. Kambli cried all the way back to the pavilion scoring 10 not out.

Subsequently, he has played the victim on umpteen occasions, questioned Sachin Tendulkar’s friendship with him and has created a scene on many occasions with emotional outburst on television.

The below joke shared by @being_Humor explains Kambli’s public image.

Parent: Our baby is crying.

Doctor: Since when?

Parent: Since birth.

Doctor: Oh! It’s normal.

Parent: No, he is 43 years now!

Doctor: Vinod Kambli?


Indeed, Vinod Kambli is the Meena Kumari of India cricket!