Tim Cook

Tim Cook was not happy. He double checked with the HR. No, there was no mistake: there has been a steep decline in the attendance rates of Apple Inc. The number of leaves over the past few months has gone up astronomically — to an extent that the CEO had to step in himself. And from what he saw, Tim Cook was not happy. Too many absentees, he told himself, despite the fact that employees are taken care of in every conceivable way. He knew there was something wrong with the way the office functioned. He simply needed to know what went wrong. ALSO READ: Tim Cook: I am already hooked on to IPL

He summoned his consultants, HR in tow. There were long conferences, not the ones that thrive on coffees and doughnuts, where people maintain that fixed, glazed look, pretending to concentrate, falling into a stupor at the same time.

No, this was not one of those meetings. This was a serious one, where cell phones were supposed to be switched off. Even e-mails were not supposed to be attended to. This was more serious than anything.

Tim Cook, no less, was keen in knowing why Apple employees opted for privilege leaves. While they usually took a week off a year, the count had gone up to three weeks over the past year.

“How does one address the issue?” he asked his HR. ALSO READ: IPL 2016: Apple CEO Tim Cook to watch GL vs KKR tie at Kanpur

The HR was smart enough to point at the consultant, who charged Apple a seven-figure sum for recommending a change of paint in the cafeteria.

“Hmm,” the consultant uttered, followed by another “hmm,” a more profound one this time.

“The paraphernalia of paradigm shifts…” he started.

“I do not have time for your management jargon,” Tim Cook interrupted him. “Give me the solution to this problem.”

“I believe the solution lies in India.” MUST READ: iPhone 6 launch: Unique feature will help detect suspect actions

“India?” the CEO was serious now.

“Indeed. As you said, we need to address the issue of privilege leaves. I have done some thorough research, and have found out that there is a concept in India that addresses the problem.”

“The privilege leave problem, you mean?”

“Yes, but not for any organisation. It is designed only for Apple Inc., which is why they call it the IPL.”

So Tim Cook got his business class ticket booked…

Please note that this is a humour article — a work of pure fiction

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