It’s ‘over’ says the cricketing nut to his girlfriend!
The image is for representation purpose only.

The World Cup 2015 is over and even the Indian Premier League (IPL) is in its closing stage but the chubby guy from the ad still didn’t learn to hand over the milk packet over to his wife. Don’t blame him; in fact the cricket overkill has led to several brain dysfunctions among fans.

Rahil loves the sport more than anything, yes even more than his girlfriend Tina. He missed the Valentine’s Day date as he didn’t want to miss the World Cup opener and it has been almost three long months since he met her. Tired of Rahil’s excuses, Tina has often screamed at him over the phone but it further irked him and he continued watching cricket.

Rahil was busy watching a Super Over, when Tina barged into his room and began screaming at him. Infuriated at being disturbed at that auspicious time, he took a short run-up and bowled towards his girl and enacted the same for a total of six times! Perplexed and scared, Tina asked, “What the hell is that?”

Rahil screamed, “It’s OVER!”