When the Sheikh got entitled for a ‘new ball’
Caricature: Sudhir Shetty

Think before boasting in front of a fast bowler. They are proud men who carry their egos on their sleeves and the angry or sarcastic sledges are at the tip of their tongue. They wait for the opportunity to lambast you be with the lethal bouncers, toe-crushers or using their tongue. Well, Merv Hughes is a perfect template.

The Sheikhs from Arab are another bunch of proud men. They never get tired of boasting their wealth. Some of them also weigh their fortune with the number of the wives they have.

One such Sheikh met our angry fast-bowler in one of the matches played in UAE. The Sheikh lined up his wives and boasted to the bowler, “Look, I have 78 wives!”

The bowler glared at him for a while and retorted, “You only need two more, and you’re entitled to a new ball!”