Why does the young girl want to live with Team India when they tour overseas?
This image is only for representation purpose only. (Image courtesy: Getty Images)

India may be one of the top teams in international cricket but as a unit they have historically struggled in Test cricket outside home. Under MS Dhoni’s reign, in between 2011 to 2014, India lost series in England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, again England and Australia. In all these tours they managed solitary Test win, at Lord’s. They carry a reputation of not beating anyone when they tour abroad. Here’s an incident related to that.

During a divorce case, the judge looked at the sweet little girl and asked, “Honey, your parents are getting divorced which means they will not stay together. Do you want to live with your mummy?”

The girl looked down and said, “No, my mummy beats me.”

The judge looked at the father and then looking at the girl, asked her, “Well then, I guess you want to live with your daddy?” Once again, she replied saying, “No, my daddy beats me too.”

Everyone present in the courtroom wore a perplexed look. Confused, the judge asked curtly, “Then who do you want to live with?”

The girl was quick to reply, “I want to live with the Indian cricket team when they are touring. They never beat anybody!”