Why fans need to reset their expectations of the Indian cricket team

Sachin Tendulkar (L) walks off after getting out as Australian players celebrate during day four of the Fourth Test Match Adelaide Oval on January 27, 2012 © Getty Images

By Golandaaz


India have lost eight away Tests in a row. Their once powerful batting is a sad….well it’s just that; once powerful. Their players pay lip service to Test cricket, hide injuries to play the Indian Premier League (IPL) and routinely skip international tours. 


Their analyses of why the losses are piling up are appalling. “If you look at it, in each of the matches we lost in Australia, it was that one partnership that was the difference.” That’s is what Sachin Tendulkar had actually said. 


Three of their players, including the current captain, bicker about captaincy in the media. They have become a team of delusional, self centered, rich and market-savvy cricketers. They talk about themselves endlessly; always forgetting that losing eight Tests in a row gives them no platform to do any talking whatsoever.


There is no one who the team thinks has the ‘stature and experience’ to show them the mirror.


They celebrate individual feats the same way Spain celebrated winning the soccer World Cup a couple of years ago.


They are not even the top five Test teams in the World. In fact, I would argue, even  Bangladesh and West Indies are better Test teams. Visiting in the more hard part of the summer in England, the West Indian batsmen gave a far better account of themselves than India’s greats.


Rahul Dravid, their one truly in-form batsman and the only one who lived in the real world, has retired.


With this backdrop, let us celebrate that India ‘A’ actually went, competed and won a Test match in the West Indies.


I find articles lamenting the ‘missed opportunities’ by our youngsters a bit off the mark. Most of them are not written with an appreciation that at present India is probably the worst Test cricket team in the world.


When you start from there, I will take a 1-2 loss and be satisfied.


(Golandaaz is a blogger @Opinions on Cricket and likes to see the humorous side of the game. He often sketches cricketers in black and white. You can follow Golandaaz his blog on Twitter @oponcrFacebook/Opinions on Cricket)