Why Vinod Kambli thinks Mohinder Amarnath is right in calling Indian selectors ‘Jokers’
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Mohinder Amarnath’s international career spanned over 20 years and perhaps no Indian cricketer has been in and out of the national side like him. His famous remark, ‘The national selectors are a bunch of jokers!’ is perhaps the most quoted statement. Just for the sake of readers’ knowledge, Amarnath was himself a national selector, few years back.

On Monday, the Indian selectors led by their chairman Sandeep Patil chose the national sides for the tour of Zimbabwe and West Indies. One man was livid. Former Indian cricketer Vinod Kambli was unhappy with the lack of Mumbai cricketers in the side. Having been a stalwart for Mumbai domestic side, Kambli has grabbed headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. READ MORE: India’s squad for West Indies tour 2016: Selectors show faith in Shardul Thakur

The elegant left-hander took to Twitter to rant against the selectors.

For Kambli’s information, Ravindra Jadeja was unplayable in India’s last Test series against South Africa. Cheteshwar Pujara happens to be one of India’s best batsmen in Test and Wriddhiman Saha was exceptional behind the stumps in the last Test series. However, Kambli being Kambli, thinks he is right. Who cares about Kambli’s version of “right” anyway? He is the same man, who blames every single element in the universe (including his once best friend Sachin Tendulkar) for his decline of international career.

While agreed, Shreyas Iyer was phenomenal in the domestic season for Mumbai; his loss of form in the IPL has not helped his case. IPL is no parameter for Test selection but definitely an indicator on how a batsman is playing. Also, a reminder for Kambli, Mumbai cricketer Rohit Sharma has been thrown another life jacket in Test cricket despite his career numbers cutting a sorry picture. Aditya Tare averaged just over 40, while that is better than Saha’s batting average, and Tare also had a record-breaking season behind the stumps but Saha’s keeping skills were good against South Africa and Test skipper Virat Kohli calls him the “best wicketkeeper in India.” Isn’t it fair if he deserves another chance? If he had to name someone for batting skills, Naman Ojha averaged over 46 in domestic cricket.

Kambli may look for a doctor specialising in gastroenteritis to solve his digestion problems but it does not leave a good taste when he calls someone ‘Joker’. Rather the better world to define him would be ‘joke’. That is what he made out of his flourishing career.

Kambli recently claimed that the 1996 World Cup semi-final was fixed and destroyed his career. However, he was recalled in the side afterwards and played for India until later part of 2000. He was not consistent and his average, which was in the 40s fell to the early mediocre 30s. He can blame everything but the fact remains that he never had the discipline and dedication the likes of Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid or Sourav Ganguly had.

He wants to field XI from Mumbai! Virat Kohli? Thank god, sane heads still prevail and Kambli is not in proximity of any administrative role. After that he went ranting against all who had to oppose him and retweeted those who favoured him .

However, there is some bad news in store as more whining is coming up:

We hope sensible publishers are still around.


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