Chris Gayle’s “pockets are empty” after A$ 10,000 fine but he continues to impress on Instagram

Chris Gayle can be appointed as the brand ambassador of fun and humour in the cricket fraternity for his hilarious nature. Gayle’s dictionary doesn’t have the word named distress, sad or unhappy. He calls himself the World Boss and a party animal and once again he gave a testament of his ecstatic nature through his post on Instagram.

Gayle has found himself in middle of all the fuss because of his flirty comment in an interview with Network Ten journalist Mel McLaughlin where he went a bit overboard and asked her out for a drink on air. As a result of this, Gayle was heavily criticised on social media and Cricket Australia too condemned this act of his. A fine of USD $10000 was imposed on him and it seems that Gayle went broke after paying the fine. Read more: CA, BBL criticise Chris Gayle’s behaviour; cricketer says it was just a “joke”

Gayle posted a picture with his West Indian teammate Dwayne Bravo on his Instagram handle and wrote:

Pockets are empty so @djbravo47 paying the dinner bill tonight … Let’s roll DJ. #Champion

A photo posted by Chris Gayle (@chrisgayle333) on

Bravo is covering up for tonight’s party and another thing to be noticed in the picture is Gayle’s t-shirt. The playboy sign on his t-shirt had a skull instead of the rabbit face and the text says it all about the man: “Sex Sells”. Truly, Gayle is the master of all the fun and doesn’t know the meaning of problem.