Tim Cahill
Tim Cahill (AFP Photo)

Australia football legend Tim Cahill, who will play for Jamshedpur FC in the upcoming season of Indian Super League (ISL), has revealed his love for cricket and that batting legend Sachin Tendulkar is his all-time favourite.

“I love cricket. My all-time favourite is Sachin Tendulkar, without a shadow of a doubt,” Cahill was quoted as saying by PTI on Saturday.

However, Cahill has new taken a liking for current India captain Virat Kohli who has already cemented his status as one of the batting greats. The Australian loves with the way Kohli has risen to the top saying he’s a perfect example.

“But now, it is obviously Virat Kohli because I love his background story of how he has achieved what he is today,” Cahill, 38, who announced international retirement after the FIF World Cup in Russia, said.

Praising Kohli for his work ethic and his philanthropic endeavours, Cahill further added, “He works hard, he is humble, he sacrificed a lot and is very committed. But I also like the way he tends to give back so much to the Indian people off the park, both emotionally and charitably. So I follow him on the social networks. He is a good example.”

Cahill spoke to several foreign players before coming to India for the ISL. “I had a lot of idea about the condition of Indian football before coming to Jamshedpur. I talked to a lot of foreign players, who have been here. I asked about the structure. The main thing that kept coming back was the local talent in India and how good it is in India and how it is growing,” he said.