Photos: Meet the Avengers of Kolkata Knight Riders
Image courtesy: Kolkata Knight Riders (Twitter)

In India, cricketers enjoy superheroes-like status in their fans’ eyes and when it comes to the nation’s so called festival — Indian Premier League (IPL), one can see many photo-shopped images going viral on social media where big players are seen in place of Hollywood superheroes.

Following this trend, IPL’s one of the most profitable sides Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), owned by bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, came up with their own photo-shopped images where the faces of their main players are morphed on characters from Hollywood movie Avengers. The movie and its sequels have got tremendous response among the fans who simply love the main characters ‘Captain America’ and ‘Iron Man’.

If you are an Avengers and KKR fan, have a look at these pictures tweeted by KKR’s official Twitter account in Avengers’ characters’ attire. You’d love them: