Shoaib Akhtar feels the pain of the homeless in Islamabad

A cricketer may possess all immense skills and talent to succeed on the field but a kind heart and caring nature is what make them humans. They are often seen standing up for a cause and contributing towards society. Former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar on this occasion is enjoying the winters as well as feeling the pain of homeless in Islamabad.

Its winter time in most of the parts in the subcontinent and temperature keeps on dropping day by day. Most of the people including cricketers love winter as the atmosphere are pleasing too. As there are plenty of people who don’t enjoy the privilege of a shelter are having a dreadful time out in the cold, Akhtar expresses his pain and feelings for the unfortunate ones.

Akhtar tweeted saying, “It’s chilly here in my beloved Islamabad but fear for homeless. Wish I can put a blanket of warmth around them all.. Which i will ..”

Akhtar will definitely look forward to help the needy and provide them with a blanket to fight the cold. As cricketers enjoy a massive fan following this move from Rawalpindi Express will attract a lot of eyeballs towards this and further help the cause.

Akhtar was recently seen in action for Sachin’s Blasters in the Cricket All Stars League. He bowled beautifully and rekindled memories of his hey days.