Videos: Chris Gayle and his rocking crazy moves

If there is an award for the most entertaining cricketer in the world, the strongest contender for it will undoubtedly be Chris Gayle.  He’s a party animal and never misses out on the fun part irrespective of the country he is in. Gayle has created a stir for his ability to hit the cricket ball with immense power but these videos portrays how he can set a dance floor on fire with his silk like smooth moves.

Gayle uploaded three short videos on his official Instagram account where he is killing the party with some crazy grooves. In his first part he gave a description of his dress code and a glance of his upcoming stunning moves and said, “Mooooooddddd. Short but spicy!! Pt 1”

Mooooooddddd. Short but spicy!! Pt 1

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In the second part, he was gliding and fooled everyone with his caption, which read:

Gayle’s most enthusiastic part came in the ultimate video, which he uploaded and wrote, “Who don’t have foot movements? Can’t me them talking! A must Ding & Ching! 1 Boss #WorldBoss – when I’m ready, I #KickOut Dance floor den #Gas #Gas it up!! .. Not showing no-more. Want more? #333”

He’s a flamboyant cricketer; a crazy dancer, a humorous personality and can drink like a fish. Is there anything, which the big Jamaican can’t do? Well, stay tuned for some more surprises for none other than World’s Boss Chris Gayle. The big Jamaican has been out of cricketing action in the recent times due to a back surgery but is reported to take an active part in Pakistan Super League.

Recently, Indian Test captain Virat Kohli was seen moving his feet to some Punjabi beats on his teammate Harbhajan Singh’s wedding reception. It seems like the dancing season is on in the cricket fraternity. Also Read: Virat Kohli gets the dance floor rolling with his crazy moves