Arguably, Gangs of Wasseypur (GOW) was one of the most brutal and epic gangster movies Bollywood has ever come across. The movie is remembered for its dialogues and its characters with their catchy punch lines. Just imagine how the movie would look if famous personalities of Indian cricket replace its star cast. Abhishek Kumar equates 13 popular characters from the movie with its Indian cricket counterparts.


1.  Mohammad Azharuddin as Shahid Khan

The movie GOW opened with Shahid Khan and then progressed through his generations. Similarly, this movie will start with Mohammad Azharuddin playing the same character. The tale will begin with him and subsequently focus on his successors — Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli.




2.  Sourav Ganguly as Sardar Khan

In the original movie, Shahid was succeeded by his son Sardar, who continued the legacy of taking revenge. Similarly, in Indian cricket, Ganguly succeeded Azharudding and hence will play that part in the new movie. Under Ganguly, Indian cricket witnessed a new era as the team evolved with an attacking style of play. As Sardar would say in the movie, ‘Maarenge Nahi, Keh ke lenge,’ Ganguly’s tenure displayed similar approach while playing overseas. Hence, he becomes apt for Sardar’s role.




3.  Sachin Tendulkar as Nasir

In the movie, Nasir, who was Sardar’s uncle, guided and mentored him all through his life to take his revenge. In the same manner, Tendulkar, who was more experienced when Ganguly took the guard, plays the character and guides his nephew Sardar like a friend throughout the movie.




4.  Rahul Dravid as Asghar

Asghar was the only person who had blood relation with his uncle Nasir and was one of the main supporting characters for Sardar in the Movie. The same goes with Dravid, who was always there besides Ganguly throughout his journey.




5.  Yuvraj Singh as Danish Khan

Danish was Sardar’s first son. He was expected to exact the revenge after his father but he couldn’t do so. Similarly, after Ganguly and Dravid, Yuvraj was expected to lead the side but he was eventually sidelined and Dhoni came to the fore.




6.  MS Dhoni as Faizal Khan

Faizal was Sardar’s second son. He became the most powerful person of Wasseypur and went on to take revenge from all the enemies of his family right from his grandfather’s time. Similarly, Dhoni took the side’s charge and avenged the defeats of pervious World Cup tournaments in 2011 by winning it.

MS Dhoni



7.  Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja as Perpendicular and Tangent respectively

Perpendicular and Tangent were Sardar’s third and fourth sons respectively from his first wife. Both had a very good bonding with and backing from their elder brother Faizal. Likewise, Raina and Jadeja flourished under Dhoni’s reign and consider him as a elder brother till date. This justifies their roles.




8.  Virat Kohli as Definite

Definite was a character who grew under the influence of his father’s enemy but as a person was under his elder brother Faizal’s wings. He later became the next successor. Consonantly, Kohli as a cricketer grew under Dhoni and is already leading the side in the Tests now. It is a known fact that he will be next man to lead the side in limited overs too.




9.  N Srinivasan as Ramadhir Singh

How can this story end without a villain? Ramadhir played the character of enemy of Khan’s family in GOW. Likewise, N Srinivasan played the same role in destroying Indian cricket. So this role suits him the best.




10.  Lalit Modi as JP Singh

JP was the son of Ramadhir who later in the original movie decides to remove his father from the top and take his place. Quite identically, Lalit Modi grew under Srinivasan’s reign and later he also wanted to dethrone him and take his place in the BCCI.




11.  Gary Kirsten as Anurag Kashyap (Director)

Any movie is incomplete without a director, whose vision turns a story into reality. As Anurag Kashyap was the director of GOW and the man who made it a stunning success, similarly Gary Kirsten plays that part in this new movie. He himself stays behind the curtains but scripts the story of Indian cricket’s success.




12.  Ravi Shastri as Yashpal Sharma

Any cricket match is incomplete without commentary. Similarly, any movie is incomplete without music. Yashpal Sharma played the role of occasional singer in the original movie. He chipped in with his casual singing from time to time irrespective of any kind of situation. Quite similarly, Ravi Shastri does the same thing while off the field in the commentary box whether India lose or win.



Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction.


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