Ireland win the 1st ODI against UAE by 85 runs    Getty Images
Ireland win the 1st ODI against UAE by 85 runs Getty Images

The match ended with Ireland winning the 1st ODI against UAE, being held at Dubai, by 85 runs. The Irish side won the match by scoring 270 runs and restricting the hosts at 185 runs. Initially, UAE took on Ireland with a strong batting trident force of Rohan Mustafa, Mohammad Naveed and Adnan Mufti, but once they were gone and the middle-order fumbled, Amjad Javed and Ahmed Raza delivered a string of fours. Zahoor Raza, who created a commotion with his bowling in the first innings could not do much either. FULL CRICKET SCORECARD: UAE vs Ireland, 1st ODI at Dubai

The second innings started off with a smashing hit as Mustafa, Naveed and Mufti opened UAE’s batting side with a rampant string of boundaries and sixes. It looked to one as if the UAE side, with all their pent up excitement during the first innings, unleashed a surge of batting prowess on the visitors as one after one they delivered the hits. After taking the UAE side to 66 for 2 in 9.4 overs Mustafa was clean bowled by Andy McBrine at 43(29).

Right hand batsman, Shaiman Anwar was successful in keeping the visitors busy by scoring simple runs. It almost seemed like the duo of Adnan Mufti and Shaiman Anwar were playing a game of just scoring runs with that of McBrine and Craig Young. Anwar finally delivered a four in the 13th over.

After the 15 overs, it was very clear that both were up to something big as the bowling side played a clean game, the batting side were defensive with front foot tactics. Shaiman Anwar was run out at 15 runs off 38 balls. In the 19th over, Mufti was deemed out, but half way through making a run, he was asked to go back, making the UAE side lose a wicket. The defiant Mufti was finally tossed by George Dockrell in the 20th over, without creating much, but delivering a decent effort.

After this, the game took a different turn as the initially strong side of the UAE seem to have faltered a bit. Mufti’s batting change Muhammad Usman was out for 1(5), next Rameez Shahzad came to deliver a boundary and got out on the next ball. Amjad Javed then went on to deliver three boundaries in the next two overs. The string continued with right hand batsman, Ahmed Raza. The uproar that Zahoor Khan created with his bowling in the first innings seemed to have dwindled with his batting in the second innings, finally to be bowled by Peter Chase at 40.2 overs, with no runs at 20 balls.

The second innings of the match had its own set of good and bad moments. While we saw some really strong batting by players like Raza, Javed and Mustafa, there was not much contribution done by the cricketers who came in the mid overs. Finally the match was over with UAE scoring 185 runs at 41.4 overs. Though the side put up a good effort it was a bit disappointing for them not have played full quota of 50 overs.